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Crossroads Radio Show Annual Calendar

Crossroads Radio Show Annual Calendar

May 30, 2017 - Video VisitationMay 30, 2017 - Video VisitationThe show was a great show. The guests for the show were Tracy Velazquez, Associate Director of the Justice Programs Office at American University and Lucius Couloute is the Policy & Communications Associate for the Prison Policy Initiative. In Roach and Mertine's absence due to the passing of Mertine's eldest and beloved sister, Rhea, Netfa Freeman hosted the show with Tracy Valazquez. The two of them did a very good job and we thank them very much.
May 23, 2017 - MOVEMENT TO END BAIL BOND SYSTEM GAINING MOMENTUM NATIONALLYMay 23, 2017 - MOVEMENT TO END BAIL BOND SYSTEM   GAINING MOMENTUM NATIONALLYThe radio show focused on the for profit bail bonds nationally. The guest for the show were Caryn York, DIRECTOR OF POLICY & STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS JOB OPPORTUNITIES TASK FORCE (JOTF) and NNENNAYA AMUCHIE SOCIAL JUSTICE ATTORNEY, BYP100 DC ORGANIZER of DMV MAMAS BAIL OUT. NOTES FROM MERTINE MOORE BROWN, ASSISTANT PRODUCER OF CROSSROADS - May 23, 2017 Bail Bond System Movement to end Bail Bond system gaining momentum around country. $14b industry. Juvenile justice across USA - few states provide adequate counsel - not guaranteed attorney during interrogation - 36 states charge for free lawyer?? - in 43 states children can waive rights not knowing they are doing so Solitary confinement for youth - 23 hr day - psychological, social & physical - inhuman - focus on rehabilitation Sessions new order - mandatory minimum guidelines - Washington Post report: National Network say directive marks unnecessary & unfortunate return Caryn York - JOTF DMV Mamas Bail Out - Nnennaya Amuchie - Janae Taylor Bail bond - unfair practice that targets poor & African American people Saundra Bland - $5,000 bond - could not raise $500 Beginning July 1 1 Judge exhaust non financial causes of release 2 cash bail - defendant must be able to afford 3 cannot assign cash bail to ensure public safety DMV Mamas Bail Out National initiative Bail out Black moms for Mother’s Day and continue through Juneteenth 50 Black moms released nationally because of BMV Momas Bail Out On April 16, which was Easter, Janae asked 100 folks to donate $30 for her birthday. To date, they have raised $20,000 - generosity,com Bail bondsmen retain their profit; courts return money Politico - cartoon last year - Stanford rapist got a $10,000 bail whereas a young African American Anthony Bullock received $500G bail. Community members are disrupting that vicious process - crowdfunding.com - money to get mamas out Make donations to : Kalif Browder, locked up for 3 years for a backpack - $5,000 bail Email: namuchie@gmail.com caryn@jotf.org 410 234 8046
May 9, 2017 - Mother's Day in PrisonMay 9, 2017 - Mother's Day in PrisonThe guests for the show were Andrea James, Founder and Director of Families for Justice as Healing and Amy Povah, Founder of Can Do ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** CROSS ROADS Mother’s Day in Prison - May 9, 2017 2.5m children with parent in prison Amy Povah - CAN-DO Foundation Andrea James - Families For Justice as Healing Grapevine Rural areas more likely to send persons to prisons than urban areas over last 10 years. Technical violations send more people to jail - urine miss etc. Supreme Court disturbing trend of siding with police brutality. Only 2 Judges disagreed. Alice Johnson will be calling in. Seeking commutation. Amy - clemency expert. Andrea’s children - 12 years & 5 months old - very painful, heaviness hangs in air, separation mother from child, What are the rights of her son to breastfeed? 17 years this July Amy been released. LaVonne Roach’s Mom already served 20 years, Mom needs liver transplant, raised monies but still might not be able to receive, daughter not able to see Mom, praying she does not pass before LaVonne can see her. Danbury, Connecticut - started in prison - National Council for Formerly Incarcerated Women & Girls - visiting room - families showing up & could not see them bc they did not have Visit on Mother’s Day - only 2 physical contacts - Hello & Goodbye. “The Dark Ages” - common to give furloughs, compassionate release, attend funerals. An evil cloak has come across country. Treats inmates like animals. BOP can extend authority - see dying parent, go to school, shackled during labor, totally inhumane, ⅓ of all women locked up in the world are in America - 85% are mothers - 60% of juvenile children have parent in prison. Must mobilize & organize. Women visit men. Initiatives - Bail Initiative - raising money to bail folks out - end money bail across country. Make donations to individual organizations that focus on women. Too many women cannot afford bail & are sitting in jails bc of it. Mothers should not be in jail if she has child under 7 years old. Sandra Bland was in jail few days bc of bail. Alice Johnson calling in from prison. 21 years in prison - has gfit to write - prepared Mother’s Day play - candoclemency.com. Kenny Holliday from DC working with her. What can we do to help women? Michelle West and others serving life being held responsible for others’ actions. National crisis. Nkechi Taifa been there supporting women in prison. Visiting process needs to change - 2 touches only. Misconceptions that incarcerated women are not good parents. “Slave Ship”. Mass incarceration is slavery. UNICORP - working for pennies, everything costs in prison, you must pay for EVERYTHING. Brothers were randomly arrested to bring in crops. Find a grassroots organization that is working for women. 617.905 2026 Andrea James personal # - website - the council.us. Contribute to organizations. Email Blackwell - Andrea’s #
May 2, 2017 - COMMUNITY & POLICE: TRUTH & RECONCILIATION METROPOLITAN POLICE DEPARTMENT vs BALTIMORE POLICE DEPARTMENT DC RETURNEES vs MARYLAND RETURNEES BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIPSMay 2, 2017 - COMMUNITY & POLICE: TRUTH & RECONCILIATION METROPOLITAN POLICE DEPARTMENT vs BALTIMORE POLICE DEPARTMENT DC RETURNEES vs MARYLAND RETURNEES BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS The guest for show was Ron Moten of the Art of Peace Movement. Mr. Moten spoke about the relationship of police and the community and how the D.C. Community came together to honor Diane "Chief for Life" Grooms at the Community-Police Reconciliation Finals and Boys and Girls of Color Conversation Luncheon. They have had events at Ballou High School and other venues and seems to be making waves in the community as it relates to healing the relationship of police and the community. Grapevine: National crime rate near historic lows. But Prez 45 focusing on more military tactics, pushing false narrative. Inmates paying copays inside of prisons. Ridiculous fees. $500 inmate charge compared to $20 we pay. Connecticut models nursing homes for paroled prisoners. Topic: Objectives & goals - Solve problems in our communities. About 5 years ago, Kemp Foundation was formed and first event was held. Jack’s first experience was at Jack Kemp Forum. The question was asked “Who has not been pulled over by police? Jack and the only other white guy in the audience raised their hands. That made it clear to him what African Americans go through on a regular daily basis. Mo Moten is passionate & committed. Roach committed to produce a police/community Radiothon. Public safety - Some public relations departments control the entire police department. Senior Kemp used to say that folk don’t care how much you know, but how much you care. Callers: G Rick from SE WDC, listening from Germany - Jesse Jackson came to Ward 8 to talk about affordable housing. 91% children are raised by single mothers. We need to do for self - need entrepreneurship opportunities. Hilary from NW Washington - very concerned and would like to get involved. Rashid - Jack Kemp Sr had style & rhythm Rodeshia - legally blind and being discriminated against. Wednesday evening at 6:30pm, come to 1920 Martin Luther King Jr Ave, SE - there is a store, apartments, accounting firm, activity space - Walk Through Cook-Out For more information - 202-848- 4394 - jackkempfoundation.org
April 25, 2017 - DEAF & DISABLED BEHIND BARSApril 25, 2017 - DEAF & DISABLED BEHIND BARSTHE BUREAU OF JUSTICE STATISTICS REPORTS THAT 1 IN 5 PRISON INMATES HAVE A SERIOUS MENTAL ILLNESS. The guest for the show was Rebecca Valls, Director of Policy at the American Progress Center. Ms. Vallas has been on the show numerous times, which speaks to her bast knowledge of policies within the prison system. Ms. Vallas recently put out a policy regarding disabled inmates and the manner in which they are being treated. We as a nation must do all that we can do to help this group of people, because when they come home, they could be returning to YOUR community. Everybody who has been incarcerated is not BAD. Some people have merely made bad choices, a mistake, chose the wrong decision, so they too need a second chance; a chance to prove their self worth.
April 18, 2017 - Sweeping Federal Review Could Affect Consent Decrees NationwideApril 18, 2017 - Sweeping Federal Review Could Affect Consent Decrees NationwideDue to Roach Brown's illness, Nkechi Taifa hosted Crossroads and did a phenomenal job. The guest for the show was Ed Chung, Vice President for Criminal Justice Reform at American Progress. Guest Host: Nkechi Taifa, convener, Justice Roundtable Open Society Georgetown 272 formerly enslaved people Grapevine BusBoys & Poets - James Foreman - “Locking Up Our Own”, 14th & V location Roach Brown being honored, DC Law Students in Court - 5:30-8:30 - Google headquarters - 25 Massachusetts Ave NW Thursday, April 20 - “Its About Time” - long sentences 2:30-4:30 - “Five to Life” - compassionate release - Capitol Visitor’s Center 18,000 law enforcement agencies, police departments - consent decree - pull back on policing agencies Too many low level non-violent offenders - Instead of trying to shrink justice system, this administration trying to enlarge Crime bill 1994 - trying 13 year olds as adults; dismantling pell grants; disparity between powder & crack cocaine; policies of 80s & 90s Brain development plateaus age 25 - need to treat folk differently when younger States are pushing these policies Opiod situation - prevention & treatment - problem is contradictory policies - attorney general says “lock them up” Affecting white, suburban communities - not just Black communities - is interesting - we were locked up now they want to treat them Federal reform prospects is bleak - good news is because states are pushing reforms out - bad news with attorney general voting against progress
April 11, 2017 - THE HISTORY OF JAZZ IN LORTON SOME OF THE BIGGEST JAZZ GREATS CAME TO LORTON REFORMATORY TO PERFORM FOR THE INMATES FOR FREEApril 11, 2017 - THE HISTORY OF JAZZ IN LORTON  SOME OF THE BIGGEST JAZZ GREATS CAME TO LORTON REFORMATORY TO PERFORM FOR THE INMATES FOR FREEThe guests for this week's show were: Vernard R. Gray, Curator and Director of East of the River Jazz and the marvelous Reverend Dr.Sandra Butler-Truesdale, Chairperson of the DC Legendary Musicians and a call in guest was Dexter Forbes who spoke about the upcoming Lorton Reunion which will be held at the Chateau on April 15, 2017.
April 4, 2017 - OnaMove with Ramona AfricaApril 4, 2017 - OnaMove with Ramona AfricaThe guest for the show was Ramona Africa, the sole survivor of the move movement. ON MAY 13, 1985, THE FBI AND THE CITY OF PHILADELPHIA MASSACRED 11 MEMBERS OF THE MOVE ORGANIZATION. "ONA MOVE!" will have a conference presented by the MOVE Movement from MAY 5-7, 2017 Ramona Africa - 4.4.2017 Grapevine Rikers Island needs to be closed. Will relocate 5 buildings near court houses. African Americans 13% of population but we account for 47% of exonerations. Food 4 Thought Guest Host - Nkechi Taifa, Esq Move members were bombed on May 13, 1985. 65 homes destroyed. Move 9 members were convicted of killing a cop in 1978. Proven MOVE members could not have fired gun but all 9 members convicted 30-100 years. Still serving time! Mumia has been in prison, death row 27 years. MOVE was demonstrating against Jesse Jackson. Police came in and crushed a baby’s head. Mumia came to investigate. Became concerned with MOVE movement. Mumia consistently told the truth about MOVE. Trumped up charges against John Africa. Did not make opening statement; even slept throughout trial, made closing statement. Wilson Goode was Mayor and ordered the bombings. MOVE conference - May 5-7, 2017 - Philadelphia - free - Universal High School - Kenny Gamble - Friday 6-9, Saturday & Sunday 11-5, 33rd & Pascal - Dexter Forbes - Lorton AllStars - April 15 event - reunion, network - Chateau Remix - Party With a Purpose - Lorton created 1910 - National Women’s Party beaten by Warden. 301.267.2210 for tickets and more info…..
March 28, 2017 - IS THERE A HOUSING CRISIS FOR RETURNEES ? AFTER DECADES OF INCARCERATION, MEN & WOMEN HAVE NO HOME TO RETURN TOMarch 28, 2017 - IS THERE A HOUSING CRISIS FOR RETURNEES ?  AFTER DECADES OF INCARCERATION, MEN & WOMEN HAVE NO HOME TO RETURN TOThe guests for the show were: Cheri D. Lindsay, Executive Director of Jubilee Housing and Sara Pratt, Esq. of Relman, Dane & Colfax and Fair Housing and Civil Rights
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Washington Post Article:  Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

Washington Post Article: Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

The Washington Post

March 18, 2016

Memorial service to be held for celebrated, controversial Frances Cress Welsing.
Psychiatrist and author Frances Cress Welsing was known for her controversial views on race. (Elvert Barnes/elvertbarnes.com)
By Hamil R. Harris March 17 at 10:32 PM  
When family members, friends, and colleagues of Frances Cress Welsing began planning a memorial service for the psychiatrist and author who devoted her life to studying racism and its root causes, they knew they would have a tall order trying to capture her impact.

She was both celebrated and controversial, but never wavering in her belief that the persistent struggles of people of color were the results of the racism they had endured. Welsing died Jan. 2, a few hours after suffering a stroke. She was 80.
Welsing provided psychiatric services to D.C. government agencies and institutions for 27 years. She also maintained a private practice in the District beginning in 1967, counseling patients until days before her death.
Several of those she helped, such as motivational speaker and radio host Roach Brown, say they owe her their lives.
In 1965, Brown was a 21-year-old inmate at the D.C. Department of Correction’s prison in Lorton, Va. A year earlier, he and two other men had been charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of a “local fence in a dispute over the price of hot jewelry,” Brown said.

[The price of redemption]

No weapon was ever recovered, and Brown, now 72, has always maintained that he was not the triggerman.
Welsing testified during his trial that his actions were consistent with someone whose environment had led to mental-health problems.
“They ended up giving me life in prison because Dr. Welsing spoke up on my behalf,” said Brown, who went on to start the prison theatrical group Inner Voices. “She saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself.”
Brown, who had his sentenced commuted in 1975, will be among those in attendance at the memorial service for Welsing on Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m. at Metropolitan AME Church in the District. “Dr. Welsing turned me and other guys around,” Brown said. “She was our Harriet Tubman to get out of mental slavery.”

Welsing first gained notoriety in 1969 after she wrote an essay, “The Cress Theory of Color Confrontation and Racism (White Supremacy).” In it she theorized that racism was rooted in the varying degrees of melanin and the “color inferiority” of white people. She argued that the lack of melanin led white people to develop “hostility and aggression” toward people darker than themselves.
 “She had a theory about race and why white people do what they do and I dealt with the what,” said Neely Fuller, author of “The United Independent Compensatory Code System Concept: a textbook/workbook for thought speech and/or action for victims of racism (white supremacy).”

In her 1991 book, “The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors,” Welsing again looked at the origins of white supremacy and its impact. She wrote that “black males must help one another to understand that they are being led by the dynamic of white supremacy to inflict extreme damage upon themselves and each other.”

[Welsing’s work provokes different reactions]

“Dr. Welsing’s major contribution as it relates to black mental health was that she had the capacity to challenge the dominant prevailing thought of our society and she gave it the name global white supremacy,” said Kevin Washington, president of the Association of Black Psychologists.

Ray Winbush, director of the Institute for Urban Research at Morgan State University and former director of the Race Relations Institute at Fisk University, said Welsing drew heavy criticism for her views, which she expected. She frequently engaged her detractors.

In 1974, she and Stanford University physicist William Shockley, who had argued that blacks were genetically inferior to whites, engaged in debate on the syndicated television show “Tony Brown’s Journal.”
Welsing was born in Chicago in 1935.Her father, Henry N. Cress was a physician, and her mother, Ida Mae Griffen, was a school teacher, and there were high expectations.
“We were taught that we were special,” said Welsing’s older sister, Lorne Cress-Love. “We were encouraged to read and discuss all types of issues.”

Cress-Love said their father and their grandfather, who also was a physician, were passionate about fighting for equality. “My father told us that our grandfather spent more time fighting for the race than practicing medicine.”
In 1957, Welsing earned a bachelor’s degree from Antioch College and in 1962 she earned a medical degree from the Howard University College of Medicine. After graduation, Welsing completed a residency at St. Elizabeths Hospital in Washington. From 1968 to 1975, she taught in the pediatric department of Howard University’s Medical School.
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