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Crossroads Radio Show Annual Calendar

Crossroads Radio Show Annual Calendar

May 28, 2019 -
November 24, 2017 - IS BLACK IDENTITY THE NEW NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT? THE FBI HAS INVENTED A NEW LABEL TO TARGET TODAY'S BLACK ACTIVISTS - "BLACK IDENTITY EXTREMISTS"November 24, 2017 - IS BLACK IDENTITY THE NEW NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT?   THE FBI HAS INVENTED A NEW LABEL TO TARGET TODAY'S BLACK ACTIVISTS - "BLACK IDENTITY EXTREMISTS"THE SHOW WAS HOSTED BY ROACH BROWN AND CO-HOSTED BY ATTORNEY NKECHI TAIFA, ADVOCACY DIRECTOR FOR CRIMINAL JUSTICE/OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS. THE GUESTS FOR THE SHOW WERE MARSHALL EDDIE CONWAY FORMER LEADER, BALTIMORE CHAPTER OF THE BLACK PANTHER PARTY, MALKIA CYRIL, FOUNDER/EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE CENTER FOR MEDIA JUSTICE. CROSS ROADS COMMENTARY by MERTINE MOORE BROWN TOPIC: BLACK IDENTITY EXTREMISTS OCTOBER 24, 2017 ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. Grapevine 2 ½ months after passing legislation to give female inmates free sanitary and hygiene products, female inmates are still being charged for personal items. Costs out of reach for many inmates. 219,000 women are incarcerated in the United States. More than ¼ of women behind bars have never had a trial. Crime has risen in Puerto Rico. It’s easy to burglarize, no alarms, no lights. Because of island’s economic crisis, cannot count on more enforcement and security. Native youth are 300% more likely to be detained than white youth who are detained or committed. Guests Malkia Cyril Daughter of Black Panther parents Founder/Executive Director, Center for Media Justice Black Identity Extremists – It may not have originated by the FBI, may have been the White house, the whole process of this coming about is outside of the protocol. Is trump trying to downplay white nationalism? Marshall Eddie Conway Former Leader, Baltimore Chapter, Black Panther Party Marshall was charged with the murder of a policeman and shooting of another. After 12 years It was determined it was a mistake, but it took another 32 years to release him. Where is your conscious? It’s not about numbers. 5,000-10,000 Black Panther members vs 5m in the American army. Movements were rising. FBI labeled them as radicals, armed Black angry militants, they broke all civil rights laws, burglarized our houses, got members fired from their jobs, sent letters to spouses intimating affairs. They are creating another narrative as they did then. Movements are afoot in the world – Asia, Africa, worldwide………. What emerged after Michael Brown’s murder was movement against police brutality, movement of Black liberation, Black civil rights. What is frightening is the fact that what they are doing now has been codified, made legal by the National Defense Authorization Act/Patriot Act. Constitutional protections have always been unequally applied against Blacks and poor people in this country from the moment we set foot on these shores. We are fighting for human rights. No correlation at all between people being angry against police brutality, no evidence at all. We need to demand a Congressional Hearing. Today Moorish Temple associates are being singled out. 20 years ago, the FBI created gang books or street organization albums. You practice Islam? You would be added to the book. Black liberation philosophy prisoners were being tagged. We need alternative media. We must gain control of our narrative. Build muscle capacity to push back. We need to tell our stories from our perspective.
October 31, 2017 - RETURNING CITIZENS OPPORTUNITY TO SUCCEED AMENDMENT ACTOctober 31, 2017 - RETURNING CITIZENS OPPORTUNITY TO SUCCEED AMENDMENT ACTThe topic for the radio show was: RETURNING CITIZENS OPPORTUNITY TO SUCCEED AMENDMENT ACT, "RETURNING CITIZENS" DOCUMENTARY PANEL DISCUSSION WITH RETURNING CITIZENS, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 2017, 6:00 - 7:30 PM at the R.I.S.E. DEMONSTRATION CENTER located at 2730 MARTIN LUTHER KING JR AVENUE, SE,WASHINGTON, DC 20032 and the guest was DC COUNCIL MEMBER AT-LARGE ROBERT C WHITE, JR. COMMENTARY BY MERTINE MOORE BROWN CROSS ROADS COMMENTARY OCTOBER 31, 2017 RETURNING CITIZENS OPPORTUNITY TO SUCCEED AMENDMENT ACT Grapevine Youth sentenced to 8 years for punching guard, way too harsh a sentence Pre-trial punishment is unjust Cash cow for law enforcement seizing property with no accountability, over $6B annually in forfeiture fund, many times seized before someone has been convicted Guest Robert C White Jr, At-Large Councilmember, Washington DC Initiated “Returning Citizens Opportunity to Succeed Amendment Act” Councilmember White is a voice and advocate for returning citizens. Initiatives 6 months prior to release, prepare men and women for the outside world Provide employment opportunities Provide transit subsidy up to $100 monthly Ensure BOP (Bureau of Prisons) ID is available before leaving prison Being released without exposure to computer usage is a big handicap and unfair to returning citizens. The response has been positive – Dec 7 is the hearing date, come out and testify, need advocates. There are too many homeless returning citizens. The DC City Council has become much more receptive Roach suggests that gate money and monies to start a small business be made available to men and women coming out. Prisons have gratuitous fund or gate money available up to $500 but he knows no one who has ever received the full $500.00. Telephone companies make millions off phones. A percentage should be set aside, earmarked for entrepreneurship. Our pain is someone else’s gain. When Democrats are in control, there is some lead way. Alonzo Turner Bey brought Roach into Jessup prison along with Ray Lewis, MVP, Superbowl. Turtle also supported – they put quite a program together. Their group is Positive Change. Alonzo has been in 29 years, since the age of 19. Defacto - Life without parole – Get the Governor out of the parole process – He keeps denying men after 2, even 3 and more times. Workforce Investment Council – organization to bring Dept of Employment Services, business community - Bring all players in the room to talk. Job Training programs – are they being productive? Delbert Jackson, former head of Dept of Corrections, encouraged others to hire the formerly incarcerated. The government should hire; put your money where your mouth is. You know there is an achievement gap in schools. The Federal Parole Commission should apply DC Code instead of Federal Code. Highlight individual cases in the news; force change. Guest Dan is a blind man. He says he always ask himself, “What would Roach do? – patterning ideas - 30 words or less – replay – build a habit. No mother should be in jail who has a child age 7 and under, for a non-violent offense. Let the churches step up – adopt a family. Nationally 16 halfway houses have been closed which means longer time in prison instead of the 6 months in halfway house before release. Councilmember White’s Dad is still living. He volunteers with Catholic Charities program “Welcome Home”. Roach gave a shout out to William Budd and the barbers at First Cut. Juanita White, Councilmember’s Great Aunt, works at Ft Stanton. The young guys play ball from 10am – 4pm and she knows they should be in school. What can she do as she doesn’t like to approach the boys. Councilmember will check into it. RAPP - Release Aging People in Prisons. Prisons are becoming nursing homes. Discrimination – folk are being denied Habeas Corpus – argue that fact in court – Advocate for independent judiciary regarding convictions in local court – it is over incarceration of local prisoners. Inmates in prison have the right to vote. Advocate for background check companies to do the right thing.
October 17, 2017 - DEPARTMENT OF YOUTH REHABILITATIVE SERVICES "CREDIBLE MESSENGER INITIATIVE" MENTORING INTERVENTION PROGRAM FOR COMMITTED YOUTHOctober 17, 2017 -  DEPARTMENT OF YOUTH REHABILITATIVE SERVICES   "CREDIBLE MESSENGER INITIATIVE"  MENTORING INTERVENTION PROGRAM FOR COMMITTED YOUTHThe guests for the show were LINDA HARLLEE HARPER, SENIOR DEPUTY DIRECTOR, NORMAN BROWN, CREDIBLE MESSENGER AND WALLEE, CREDIBLE MESSENGER. The program is one year in and has made excellent strides in saving our youth and reaching people of color. Commentary by Mertine Moore Brown. CROSS ROADS – CREDIBLE MESSENGER INITIATIVE OCTOBER 17, 2017 Grapevine Louisiana sheriff upset because “good” inmates will be going home. Sheriff can take more than half of an inmate’s wages and make them work just as hard. “Good” inmates – those who are washing Sheriff’s car, mowing his lawn etc As many as 1 in 5 prisoners received medicines for mental health issues. Inmates and families are taking complaints to court because of extreme heat inside prisons. The Bureau of Prisons is cutting support for halfway houses. There are 269 halfway houses nationally, and 16 are being closed down across the country. This forces inmates to stay in prison longer because there are no facilities to be released to. Jeff Sessions wants more aggressive sentencing. ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) represented a homeless man who was arrested 270 times just for being homeless. The system failed to provide attorneys to this population. A senseless churn through the criminal justice system. Eddie Ellis of New York City coined “Credible Messenger”. This former Black Panther served 27 years and was innocent. Tomorrow is dependent on these talented people here today. Credible Messenger is a one year old program today. “He/she gets it” – the terminology guest Whali Johnson uses in this movement driven by the community - it makes you credible. Guest Norman Brown goes into institutions like New Beginnings and Youth Service Center – “We caught fire there, have undivided attention with youth. We encourage youth to know they are more than what has been presented to them. They view themselves differently.” Community involvement made a difference when implementing this program - licensed coordinators, people who care, government employees and a Credible Messenger enhances with parental and grandparent involvement. Alcatraz has been turned into a community environment by Native Americans. Guest Linda Harllee Harper is Senior Deputy Director of DYRS (Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services). Callers What preventive measures can we do? Norman says public schools are adopting restorative justice. Youth need to understand it is not a badge of honor or a rites of passage to go to jail. Marie – “How do I get help for my son? Talk to the probation officer to see how they can help now before he gets in trouble. Jackie Carter, Ward 8, trains youth in theatre, wants to know how she can get connected to DYRS. DYRS pays students to learn theater and dramatic therapy activities. Services are contracted. Visit www.dyrs.dc.gov to apply. Social worker – channel children into what they like doing, keep them busy and involved, many fathers are missing because of long sentences during the totally injustice “3 strikes you are out” mandate. Family piece changes the culture cycle. Dr Clinton Lacy is from New York City – training is necessary, the solution is in the community. Linda Harllee Harper is a soldier, the government works with the community, the trainings are like boot camp. Norman says the agency is very supporting. There is joy and pride in what they do. As Linda says because of previous efforts in the city by community organizations such as Al Malik, Cease Fire, Don’t Smoke the Brothers and Sisters; Jenese Patterson, Parent Watch; Yango; Tyrone Parker, Alliance of Concerned Men etc. Also MORCA (Mayor’s Office on Returning Citizen Affairs) has been quite helpful. For more information on Credible Messenger Initiative, contact Charles Dotson on 202.299.3757 or Dana McDaniel on 202.299.3438. Visit www.dyrs.dc.gov.
October 10, 2017 - NEW YORK & CHICAGO BLACK COPS ARE KNEELING IN SUPPORT OF COLIN KAEPERNICKOctober 10, 2017 - NEW YORK & CHICAGO BLACK COPS ARE KNEELING IN SUPPORT OF COLIN KAEPERNICKThe guests for the show were Ron Hampton of Blacks in Law Enforcement and the Institute of Black World and Damon Jones of Black Law Enforcement of America, New York City Chapter. COMMENTARY BY MERTINE MOORE BROWN Cross Roads – New York and Chicago Black Cops are Kneeling for Colin Kaepernick Tuesday, October 10, 2017 Grapevine Suicide is a major death in jails. 26% of all jail suicides occur within 3 days of arriving in a jail. FBI launched COINTEL II - Black Identity Extremists – dangerous movement FBI is perpetrating. FBI claims police attacks on African Americans could motivate premeditated attacks on police. Research Mark Clark and Fred Hampton – young African Americans, members of the Black Panther Party Movement, who were targeted and killed strickly because of their beliefs that we need to take care of ourselves. There’s a pretty good chance your flag was made by African American men and women in prison. Guests Ron Hampton – Blacks in Law Enforcement, retired, Washington, DC Damon Jones – Blacks in Law Enforcement, New York City Chapter Why did you take a knee? We announced support when Colin was playing football. When he didn’t get signed, and is being blackballed, as we know now, we speak on boycotting NFL because of punishment for taking a stand. There is imbedded racism in law enforcement. Racism is in the DNA of policing. We become culturally conditioned. We must protest. Its right to protest. You cannot tell us how to protest. Police brutality is institutional racism. We cannot be silent anymore. Policing should begin in the community. National Black Police Association – white cops are afraid of them. We need to take advantage of October, November and December. Individually we may not have much power, but collectively we got the power – stay out of department stores – buy Black – BuyBlack.com - stand, kneel with Colin Kaepernick – compare this to the days of lynching – slaves and later freed men were forced to watch and the underlying message is “this will happen to you”. Imagine what our ancestors have gone through - and all these wealthy rich athletes, celebrities – come on – stand up – respect yourself – our money is power – hold on to yours. To reach Damon Jones and New York City Chapter of Black Law Enforcement Association - www.bleausa.org
October 3, 2017 - SHOULD VIDEO VISITS TAKE THE PLACE OF IN PERSON VISITS IN JAILS AND PRISONS?October 3, 2017 -  SHOULD VIDEO VISITS TAKE THE PLACE OF IN PERSON VISITS IN JAILS AND PRISONS?The Radio Show was informative as usual and the guest was Alex Friedman, Associate Director of the Human Rights Defense Center and a writer for Prison Legal News. Mr. Friedman was very knowledgeable about the services provided to inmates and the companies that are making big money off of minorities. CROSS ROADS COMMENTARY SHOULD VIDEO VISITS TAKE THE PLACE OF IN PERSON VISITS IN JAILS AND PRISONS? OCTOBER 3, 2017 Grapevine More folk arrested last year over pot than for all other crimes, according to the Washington Post, a year in which medical marijuana is legalized, it’s over 5% of all arrests. A Judge in Louisiana is allowing a company to charge others for rehabilitation fees, including ankle monitors. You cannot go to your parent’s home if they live in public housing. A new Maryland law lets some prisoners seek reduced sentences under the Justice Reinvestment Act. Guests Alex Friedmann, Founder, Prison Legal News. He is calling in from Nashville, Tennessee. “Stop Prison Profiteering” Campaign is also another website they have created. Mom has to use video visits to see her baby and she has to pay for it. Video visiting in prisons and jails – video conferencing – teleconferencing – removing in person visitation and replacing with for profit video visits is a travesty. The bigger issue is the family is treated as criminals, disrespected and undeserving to be harassed and humiliated – unnecessary shake downs. The justification is that video visits will cut down on contraband but most contraband are smuggled in by staff, not visitors. Authority has been taken too far. Most attorneys have in person visits. The trend is to take away in person visits. They claim they can save on staffing cost and financial kickbacks. Same model re prison phones. Financial kickback goes back to prison. Secaucus Technologies is raking in $1.6b yearly. All visits have become monetized. This system offers cruel and unusual punishment, this seriously injustice system. Video visits are growing by leaps and bounds. 650 facilities are using video visits, it’s the growing trend. Video visits stifle those with disabilities. Video visits are good for those who live far away, are disabled, have busy schedules etc., but should not replace in-person visits. None of these companies are operated by a minority. Everything is for profit. What can we do? Go to local offices to complain, protest outside, pick up the phone, make a call, send an email. There is always the risk of retaliation against prisoners and family members - destroying mail, making up allegations. Complain without revealing the name of your loved ones. The reason the criminal injustice system is so resistant to change is because so much money is being made. To learn more, visit: PrisonLegalNews.org StoppingPrisonProfiteering.
September 26, 2017 - Incarcerated Veterans & Reentry ProgramSeptember 26, 2017 - Incarcerated Veterans & Reentry ProgramThe guest for the show were Charles Avery, Executive Director of Veterans on the Rise, Floyd Palmer, Air Force Veteran and Returning Citizen and Monica, Army Officer and Combat Veteran. CROSS ROADS COMMENTARY – September 26, 2017 INCARCERATED VETERANS & REENTRY PROGRAMS Grapevine With all the stories of heroism and tragedy in the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, one group of people, based on reports from several of those facilities, prisoners were not evacuated, could not flee and continue to suffer. 2,109 prisoners in Beaumont, Texas were left in their cells to face the flooding, water shortages and power outages. Water rose above their ankles and the smell of sewage from backed up toilets grew so intense they had to wrap towels over their noses just to fall asleep. Nearly 6,000 inmates in 5 Texas prisons were evacuated. The same happened in south and central Florida, where over 7,000 prisoners were moved across the state in anticipation of Hurricane Irma. It is not known yet if prisoners have been evacuated or relocated in Puerto Rico. Because power, communications and internet services on the island are down, it is unclear how many people are being held in Puerto Rico state prisons, but the facilities can house more than 12,000 prisoners in total, including women. Prisons use TTY or TTD to communicate. Deaf inmates’ needs are not being supported as they should be. Telecommunication devices for the deaf in prisons are usually outmoded or non-existent. Texas prisons eliminate use of solitary confinement. Said Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice spokesman Jason Clark of the September policy change, “When reviewing solitary confinement as a policy and practice, we determined that as a department we can effectively operate without it.” Massachusetts aims to keep children and parents together through the criminal justice system. Mothers with young children should not be sentenced. Community-based sentencing is a healthier and fiscally responsible alternative. Guests Veterans on the Rise, Charles Avery – In 1999, 3 veterans formed this organization that takes care of the needs of homeless veterans. They partner with Veterans Administration, provide temporary housing when available, severely mentally ill can stay for 6 months, and their flagship program is “Transition in Place”. 15%-20% referrals have criminal background. 85 of every 1,000 incarcerated are veterans; 38% in prisons, 44% in jails. Over 200,000 veterans have been sentenced to prison. Floyd Palmer, home only 6 months after serving 18 ½ years, was released from a Durham, NC prison with bus fare, $25.00 and no ID, missed the Richmond, VA bus, finally arrived at Central Mission homeless shelter Washington, DC where he was then connected to Veterans on the Rise. Veterans on the Rise was a welcome turnaround. Monica, US Army Combat Veteran, and a medical student at Georgetown University, had been stationed in Iraq. The armed forces radio is heard worldwide and Monica noticed that the radio was pinpointing certain audiences but not catering to our community. Monica submitted a written request and because of Monica, Cross Roads radio show and Pacifica radio WPFWFM is now heard around the world, including Korea. Homeless and veteran in the same sentence is heartbreaking. Floyd says veterans need to come together and work as a unit. If you don’t stand, you are going to get rolled over. He has gotten plenty of runaround, and still is not receiving benefits because he has no disability. Your benefits stop when you are sentenced to prison. Veterans are meeting weekly inside prisons but no one is there to assist them. PTSS – Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome is a real issue with returning citizens and veterans. Homelessness prevention is necessary because veterans are losing out after so many months of not receiving adequate support. “Support Independent Living”! Callers Ian - Hunting, seeking and killing – Veterans on the Rise needs contributions. Amin Muhammad – prison ministry – incarcerated veterans and assisted programs – young brothers who have served must go through too many hoops to get what they deserve. Cuff – Vietnam Veteran – it took 17 years just to get his benefits – had infected skin disorder – fights constantly for brothers and sisters – Veterans have no one else to turn to but themselves. Floyd says it gets too frustrating and overwhelming – there are so many homeless veterans – He sees them in Georgetown, Foggy Bottom, Minnesota Avenue etc. He is thankful and grateful for Veterans on the Rise. He is working steadily at Dog Tag Bakery and will be starting business school at Georgetown University. Veterans on the Rise is partnering with a red carpet premiere major motion picture; more info will be posted. Charles Avery, Veterans on the Rise, may be contacted at 202.388.4090. Monica – InTheCcommunityTV.com – Shahid – veterans have been helped; a specific situation moved a female veteran from squalor conditions into her own home.
September 18,2017 - DISCUSSION OF CURRENT EVENTS NATIONALLY AND LOCALLYSeptember 18,2017 -  DISCUSSION OF CURRENT EVENTS NATIONALLY AND LOCALLYThe guests for the radio program were Reverend Dr. Sandra Butler-Truesdale, Steve "Foots" Bolten, and Kenny Brown. The show was amazing. Cross Roads Discussion of Current Events Nationally & Locally September 19, 2017 Mertine Moore Brown's Commentary Grapevine Black youth are 5 times more likely to be locked up than white youth. Philadelphia is closing 23 schools but building a $400m prison. 81% of students impacted by the closing. 9 out of every 10,000 immigrants of color are in youth centers in England and Wales compared to 1 in every 10,000 for white youth. (BAM) Black Asian Minority has increased over the last decade. FEMA issues relief checks 5 years after Hurricane Sandy devastated New Jersey. Our guest panelists are Kenny Brown, Rev Dr Sandra Truesdale-Butler and Steve “Foots” Bolton. Baba Dick Gregory’s funeral was more than 6 hours - celebratory, church service, party, dancing…..In 1994 Ed Murphy, owner of Ed’s Supper Club, and businesswoman Cecelia Scott, hosted a fundraiser for Roach at the Lincoln Theater. Dick Gregory was at the airport when he was informed of Roach’s fundraiser. He didn’t even know Roach but immediately came to the Lincoln Theater and turned it out as usual. They have been close ever since. Dick called Roach a turtle – hard on the outside, soft on the inside and sticking your head out all the time. The greats - Dick Gregory, Muhammad Ali….. Dick Gregory walked everywhere, was approachable, humble, talked to everyone, never seen with a body guard. He was the 2nd Black man to run for President, Dizzy Gillespie ran for President first. Kenny said, “Dick didn’t have security, no body guards, he had truth.” 3.2m Africans and Caribbeans are affected by DACA. They are afraid to involve themselves in protests out of fear. We were brought from Africa to work. 1% of white folk control this country. Young white folks elected Obama twice. Hispanics are gaining wealth and education. Caller Dan, a blind supporter says the show helps him so much. He actually cried. Another caller has spent years helping black and brown children. Dick Gregory had his views of a 911 conspiracy. Regular caller Rick, from Germany, saw the documentary “Returning Citizens” on HBO. Rev Dr Sandra Truesdale-Butler shared about “The Wharf”, the waterfront, several high rises are now surrounding the fish market. They are losing business, it’s a whole town down there. Rev investigated how to connect her organization, DC Legendary Musicians, to provide music but the 930 Club already has the contract. There was an ANC meeting, Ward 6D – 80% of the audience was white with over 200 folks, so if you want to make change, get involved. Cross Roads needs to be 2 hours now, we are constantly told, especially by both Kenny and Footes. Washingtonians know that in the 50s it was called urban renewal – brothers singing doowop on the corners - $3m-$5m waterfront properties. Affordable housing is not the same as low income housing. Affordable could be $200,000.00 up. Anacostia moved folk out, were told they’d bring them back in 15 years. Homeland Security headquarters is behind Barry Farms. They will be using that property as housing for their employees. The same scenario in Georgetown and Southwest – moved coloreds out – 80% of Washingtonians don’t live in Washington anymore. Churches need to do more, families lived together, had extended family, seniors need someplace to go. The white community needs to know what’s going on.
September 12, 2017 - School to Prison PipelineSeptember 12, 2017 - School to Prison PipelineThe guest for the show were Mr. Edwardo Ferrer, Professor and Policy Director of the Georgetown Juvenile Justice Initiative and Dwanna Nicole, Policy and Stakeholder Outreach of The Advancement Project. The show was right on point. The guests spoke about the fact that children are being held accountable for rule violations years after the action. Why are the children's actions criminalized? Cross Roads September 12, 2017 School to Prison Pipeline Commentary by Mertine Moore Brown Grapevine Hurricane Irma needle exchange program handed out extra syringes to addiction community. There is a heightened danger of relapse and overdoses during a crisis. It is harder to cope with addictions in private; there is a need to stay near to your dealer. Disaster emergency plans include methadone clinics providing 5 days of doses The 4500 DC prisoners housed in Beaumont, Texas are not a priority and there is no evacuation plan. Baltimore may pass New York City in homicides. Prosecutors should be required for 6 months to serve as a Defense Attorney. In the United Kingdom, it is a requirement for prosecutors to serve as Defense Counsel. Guests: Eduardo Ferrer, Policy Director, Juvenile Justice Initiative, Georgetown Law Two root causes of school to prison pipeline - zero tolerance, police officers in school, trauma or adolescent behavior; suspension;/expulsion - harmful - student will likely be held back, drop out or end up in juvenile justice system Dwanna Nicole, Director, Policy and Stakeholder Outreach, Advancement Project Basic environments of young people, our response to our children is to lock them up. School to prison pipeline targets students of color, evolves into being denied entrance into college. Chief Justice Warren Burger said children denied right to school on equal basis lays a wrong framework for children’s lives. Explicit racism is affecting our children. Schools are starting point to prison. Every child that walks into a juvenile facility has a bag on his back. Instead of helping him unpack that bag, we just keep adding more weight to the bag. 70% of children put out of school are black and brown. Childish pranks and we are prosecuting children for the rest of their lives. Caller - Mark - Temple Hills How can parents help? We live in a segregated, biased system Karisma Child needs love but out of order children are treated as criminals. Worked in prison - involved in religious community 75 year old 3 objectives - love Restorative justice - repairing relationships without punitive damage and without pushing children away Fred was a court appointed advocate for foster care - children are traumatized in and out of school - need counselors in black and white men Let Em Out - Esperanda Spaulding - listen to the music Rikers Island Correctional Officer It takes a village to raise a child Treat all children as you would want your children to be treated New Chancellor has opportunity to make a difference Data supports reality Data manipulated - put pressure on City Council, Mayor, Chancellor Young people show us the way - write - show up - go to hearings - testify
September 5, 2017 - SHOULD SOLITARY CONFINEMENT BE ABOISHED FOR JUVENILES ?September 5, 2017 - SHOULD SOLITARY CONFINEMENT  BE ABOISHED FOR JUVENILES  ?The guests for the show were Marc Shindler, Executive Director of the Justice Policy Institute and Marcus Bullock, Founder and CEO of FLIKSHOP. The show was very informative. Mr. Shindler spoke about the fact that youth who are incarcerated and in solitary confinement loses a part of themselves while in confinement. Mr. Bullock talked about his time in solitary and how he began to lose his sanity day by day. Mertine Moore Brown's Commentary: Cross Roads Should Formerly Incarcerated Persons Be Denied Entrance Into State Bar Associations ? August 29, 2017 Black men are less likely to be hired. Studies show Ban the Box is hurting young Black men. Racial discrimination still standing. Supreme Court ruled children must have proper representation. Children are waiving rights without speaking to an attorney, Louisiana reconsidering sentences for nearly half its population to reduce incarceration. November 1 changes will take place. Up to 4,000 inmates will be released outright. Guest Rodney Mitchell - Former Director of the Office of Returning Citizens, now MORCA (Mayor’s Office of Returning Citizens). Has law degree since his criminal conviction. Want to earn your law degree? What are your real interests? Its a very tough road. Know the geographic location where you want to practice. Few states prohibit returning citizens from obtaining a law degree. Most states you must pass the written exam & the character fitness exam. Are you currently fit? As of 2012, Mississippi & Texas to name a couple. A felony commission is not a barrier to pursuing law. Brian Ferguson on phone, now Director of MORCA. Mr Mitchell has been a true inspiration to potential lawyers. Brian was locked up for 12 years; now is one year away from graduation; will continue on to law school. Roach is a jail house lawyer. Gidion vs Wainwright is a perfect case. Fruit of the poison tree. Get your law degree. Use your power. Most brilliant minds in the world are in prison. Returning citizens need support from other returning citizens. Stigma & discrimination is real, automatically stereotypes someone. Eddie Ellis helped 16 guys become PhDs while in prison. Andrea James was locked up in a real estate fraud case. She is still trying to get her license back. Where do you want to study? Research. You must have your BA degree. Then apply to law school. Study. Be a good student. It took 1 ½ years after passing the bar for Rodney to receive his license to practice. Read. Write. Become a proficient writer. Sharpen your skills. Talking. Arguing. Continue toward the goal. Miranda decision, right to counsel, that was initiated by an inmate.
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Washington Post Article:  Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

Washington Post Article: Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

The Washington Post

March 18, 2016

Memorial service to be held for celebrated, controversial Frances Cress Welsing.
Psychiatrist and author Frances Cress Welsing was known for her controversial views on race. (Elvert Barnes/elvertbarnes.com)
By Hamil R. Harris March 17 at 10:32 PM  
When family members, friends, and colleagues of Frances Cress Welsing began planning a memorial service for the psychiatrist and author who devoted her life to studying racism and its root causes, they knew they would have a tall order trying to capture her impact.

She was both celebrated and controversial, but never wavering in her belief that the persistent struggles of people of color were the results of the racism they had endured. Welsing died Jan. 2, a few hours after suffering a stroke. She was 80.
Welsing provided psychiatric services to D.C. government agencies and institutions for 27 years. She also maintained a private practice in the District beginning in 1967, counseling patients until days before her death.
Several of those she helped, such as motivational speaker and radio host Roach Brown, say they owe her their lives.
In 1965, Brown was a 21-year-old inmate at the D.C. Department of Correction’s prison in Lorton, Va. A year earlier, he and two other men had been charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of a “local fence in a dispute over the price of hot jewelry,” Brown said.

[The price of redemption]

No weapon was ever recovered, and Brown, now 72, has always maintained that he was not the triggerman.
Welsing testified during his trial that his actions were consistent with someone whose environment had led to mental-health problems.
“They ended up giving me life in prison because Dr. Welsing spoke up on my behalf,” said Brown, who went on to start the prison theatrical group Inner Voices. “She saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself.”
Brown, who had his sentenced commuted in 1975, will be among those in attendance at the memorial service for Welsing on Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m. at Metropolitan AME Church in the District. “Dr. Welsing turned me and other guys around,” Brown said. “She was our Harriet Tubman to get out of mental slavery.”

Welsing first gained notoriety in 1969 after she wrote an essay, “The Cress Theory of Color Confrontation and Racism (White Supremacy).” In it she theorized that racism was rooted in the varying degrees of melanin and the “color inferiority” of white people. She argued that the lack of melanin led white people to develop “hostility and aggression” toward people darker than themselves.
 “She had a theory about race and why white people do what they do and I dealt with the what,” said Neely Fuller, author of “The United Independent Compensatory Code System Concept: a textbook/workbook for thought speech and/or action for victims of racism (white supremacy).”

In her 1991 book, “The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors,” Welsing again looked at the origins of white supremacy and its impact. She wrote that “black males must help one another to understand that they are being led by the dynamic of white supremacy to inflict extreme damage upon themselves and each other.”

[Welsing’s work provokes different reactions]

“Dr. Welsing’s major contribution as it relates to black mental health was that she had the capacity to challenge the dominant prevailing thought of our society and she gave it the name global white supremacy,” said Kevin Washington, president of the Association of Black Psychologists.

Ray Winbush, director of the Institute for Urban Research at Morgan State University and former director of the Race Relations Institute at Fisk University, said Welsing drew heavy criticism for her views, which she expected. She frequently engaged her detractors.

In 1974, she and Stanford University physicist William Shockley, who had argued that blacks were genetically inferior to whites, engaged in debate on the syndicated television show “Tony Brown’s Journal.”
Welsing was born in Chicago in 1935.Her father, Henry N. Cress was a physician, and her mother, Ida Mae Griffen, was a school teacher, and there were high expectations.
“We were taught that we were special,” said Welsing’s older sister, Lorne Cress-Love. “We were encouraged to read and discuss all types of issues.”

Cress-Love said their father and their grandfather, who also was a physician, were passionate about fighting for equality. “My father told us that our grandfather spent more time fighting for the race than practicing medicine.”
In 1957, Welsing earned a bachelor’s degree from Antioch College and in 1962 she earned a medical degree from the Howard University College of Medicine. After graduation, Welsing completed a residency at St. Elizabeths Hospital in Washington. From 1968 to 1975, she taught in the pediatric department of Howard University’s Medical School.
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