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About Us
The Organization

The Organization

The Inner Voices, founded in 1971, is a Washington, DC based chartered non-profit  organization, strictly focused on providing re-entry, support and transitional services, advocacy and opportunity to the formerly incarcerated in the Washington Metropolitan area as well as across the continental United States.  Using theatrical arts as the chief catalyst, we aim to fulfill the Samaritan cause of giving aid where aid is needed.

Our History

Our History

While serving a life sentence, Roach Brown created and founded the nationally acclaimed prison theatrical troupe The Inner Voices. The Inner Voices performed outside the gates of Lorton Correctional Complex over 1,500 times without an escape or incident. The Inner Voices performed original plays, skits and social dramas.  In several incarnations,The Inner Voices perform to this very day...

The Inner Voices was founded in 1971 behind the walls of Lorton Correctional Institution. The Inner Voices advocate for the rights of ex-offenders and provides transitional services to underrepresented populations of our community.  Moving into our fourth decade of community service, our work has expanded into legislative advocacy and education, voter awareness and domestic violence prevention.

Through theatrical venues, we inform and educate the public through periodicals, internet, curriculum learning, media productions, workshops, social networking avenues, group support meetings.  Our work is supportive of all races, genders, disabilities and nationalities throughout the Washington Metropolitan area and other target cities across the country.  The growing Latino population is an area that we seek to break barriers in the very near future.  The promotion of “diversity training” and “anti-racism training” are also high on our agenda.

Our Work

Our Work

We can testify that there is a heavy population of formerly incarcerated individuals living among us.  After concerted one-on-one conversations, we have discovered that there is a familiar story: doors are closed to those who have served time for a crime and have returned to society.  The Inner Voices want to open those doors.

Our aggressive legislative organizing and support includes: 

  • Increased Voter Awareness and Registration for Returning Citizens
  • Support of the "Ban the Box" Campaign 
  • Repeal of Federal Mandatory Minimum Sentences
  • Reform and Implementation of 1-to-1 Federal Crack-to-Powder Sentencing 
  • Apt Execution and Increased Funding of Re-Entry Grants for Ex-Offenders 
  • Fair Hiring Standards for Re-Entering Ex-Offenders

Our work isn't just outside the walls of jails and prisons, but we reach our brothers and sisters who are incarcerated.  We write, visit (where permitted) and advocate for those incarcerated.  We seek to bring attention to jail and prison violence and the rise of the mortality rate. 

When all is said and done, The Inner Voices want and need your help to bring justice and empowerment to our community!

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Roach Brown

Motivational Speaker/Criminal Justice Consultant
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